Replacing Windows shell with rdp

If you want to make sort of Windows thin client or something and you want after turning PC on to go straight to the Terminal Server, you can follow those instructions .. Working priceless

  1. Create folder .. somewhere .. in this examples my paths are set it up to “C:rdp”

  2. In “C:rdp” create file “hidden.vbs” and past in it

<br /> CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False

  1. Create second file rdp.bat in same folder.

echo OFF<br /> CLS<br /> :start<br /> start /wait c:windowssystem32mstsc.exe c:rdprdp.rdp<br /> goto start

  1. Open your RDP and type the terminal server, set your desireble options as a sound redirection etc. and click “Save as”, and save it in same folder as a rdp.rdp

  2. Alt + R, type regedit and go to HKLM – Software – Microsoft – WindowsNT – CurrentVersion – Winlogon and edit Shell variable. It shuld be setted up to explorer.exe, you need to change this to:

<br /> wscript.exe c:rdphidden.vbs c:rdprdp.bat

Now you have one way ticket to the blue.